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Create, sort, and maintain your own talent pool.

applicant tracking system


applicant tracking system
applicant tracking system


applicant tracking system


What to Expect from 
Candid Tracker

Vacancy Features

Create and manage Vacancy

Create unlimited vacancies and mark them as active or inactive for application

Share your Vacancy

Announce your vacancy on websites, social media or any other platform to get all applications into one system.

Job Criteria Questionnaire

Every vacancy has some criteria level. Build a questionnaire and let the system automatically rate each applicant based on their selected answers.

Assign Vacancies

Candid Tracker allows admins to assign vacancies to each team member. Assign all or just the ones you wish them to manage applications for. 

Candidate Application Features

Assign Applicant to

Allow interviewers access to specific candidates for adding text and media attachments, notes, and more.

Email Applicant and
view email Log

Candid Tracker allows the admin to create email templates for a standard structure for emails sent throughout the recruitment process. Simply select candidates, select the email template and click send. Yes, it’s that simple.

View & Add

Attach videos, images, documents and more to the applicant profile. Candid Tracker provides a great structure to keep all attachments easily stored and accessible to your team.

Add, Edit, View

Right through the recruitment process add notes and share feedback with the team on each candidate's performance.

Track via
Applicant Status

Create applicant labels like shortlisted, Interviewed, and Hired to track the progress of each applicant.

Applicant Score on
Job Criteria Questionnaire

Candid Tracker calculates all points from the job criteria questionnaire and provides a percentage score to make the shortlisting process much easier.

Candid Tracker

makes managing Applications


All applicants are grouped by vacancy and labelled to your desired applicant status. 

Bring the team to assist with the selection and data management by easily assigning them to the vacancies and applicants for those vacancies.

Send bulk emails to candidates with your desired email templates. 

Shortlisting the Candid Tracker way. Add job criteria questionnaires to your application form and allow the system to rate each applicant for you.

Properly organized Candidate profiles with functions such as notes, email logs, text and media attachments and so much more. 

Give department heads and executive managers access to specific candidates for interviewing. They can also add scores, notes, attachments, and more to the applicant profile for the HR team to process 

Sharing an open vacancy is simple as copying a short URL. Share vacancies with recruitment agencies, on social media, or post them on your website; and have all applications come to one database. 

Multiple locations no longer need multiple systems to manage applications. Provide each location with segmented access to manage their vacancies while still having all applications in one database
for all locations. 

SAVE BIG! A one-time fee to save your organization on subscription fees. 

Need some customizations to implement a recruitment flow specific to your organization? Our team is ready to take on your customization request and build API connections to your desired HR System.


Try It Out!

Allow us to create an account to view the system or request a proposal for a virtual demo. 

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